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Since 2003, our paint division has beautified the homes of SW Florida. From humble beginnings when the two owners of this family business, Bob and Mike brought with them the small-town Vermont method of hand prepping and painting through to the capable team that we have today, our level of detail remains the same….premium primers and paints, waterproofers and sealers all applied diligently. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, our team is ready to warm your dining room’s feel or broaden your curb appeal! From the first brush stroke through to the quality-assurance walk-through at the end of each job, you will see that choosing 2 Nice Guys, Inc. is a wise choice to bring beauty to your home!


Interior prep includes; cleaning surfaces, scuff sanding trim and glossy areas,caulking joints in trim, repairing minor drywall cracks, blemishes or dings and priming bare areas. Exterior starts with powerwashing, filling surface cracks, caulking trim areas,trench below grade for full applications and applying a sealer to bind chalky paint.

Chalk is a natural occurance in paints that occurs due to weathering as well as UV exopusure. It is the formation of a fine powder-like substance on the surface of the paint film. To some extent, all paints will chalk over time. Medium to heavy chalk will reflect in tinted paint becoming lighter over time. When chalking is severe, the surface powder will affect the paint adhesion as there will not be a sound surface for the paint to bind to. 

We power wash as a means to remove excessive chalking, then we will apply a clear sealer/waterproofer prior to applying paint.

All house paints and glazing liquids have different sheens and can affect the success of certain decorative paint techniques. A Flat or Matte has the lowest sheen, a high Gloss has the most…. think a piece of construction paper vs your car after its waxed…one is flat and one is glossy. The higher the gloss..the more washable the surface. You will want Flat on yourceilings..as they are not washed and that sheen can also camouflage certain imperfections. Satin should beused in wet areas, such as baths and kitchens as well as high traffice areas. Exteriors may want Flat or Satin on the body and Semi-gloss on the trim areas, depending on the look and location of your home.

On interiors we primarily apply with brush and roller. We may spray louvered doors or vents depending on their intricate detail. On exteriors we primarily hand-apply by brush and roller. Area that we may spray could be ventedsoffits or shutters etc.

No, we are a family-owned and operated company. Our techs are covered by our worker’s comp and liability insurance. Each of them embodies our 2 Nice Guys mission for strong work ethic and fine craftsmanship and expertise to leave your home with a quality paint job you will be proud of!

Paint will last decades on typical homes before chalking off completely, fading or washing away. The better question is -How long will it present from an aesthetic standpoint? A quality paint job should look aestherically good for will last 7-12 years in the Florida extremes. Applying two coats of premium paint, proper prep and sealing porous or chalking surfaces prior to painting are all critical factors for longevity. Washing your home annually, aiming irrigation heads away from direct hits on your home and UV index are also factors.

Interior Painting

Your interior paintwork will include an extensive and detailed prep phase. We fully protect the areas to be painted throughout the process; furniture and flooring protected, switchplates, outlet covers and window treatments are removed. As your contractor, we offer the skills to perform repairs such as drywall and texture improvements and removal of wallpaper. We use superior paints and products from Sherwin Willaims, Behr, PPG and Benjamin Moore, with paints applied by roller and brush. At the end of every day, we clean up and secure tools and supplies. When we are finished with your interior paint project, your furniture is put back, shades, blinds and wall art rehung, with your room ready to enjoy!

Interior Painting
Exterior Painting Image

Exterior Painting

The condition of the exterior of your home is the key to the best curb appeal. It is the first thing others see when arriving at your home and is the best opportunity to make a great impression. Our detailed prep-work is multi-step and integral in the process to properly ensure a long-lasting paint finish. If there is need of stucco repair, it will be noted during your exterior estimate meeting and it will be addressed well in advance of our paint processes. Steps to fully prepare the exterior of your home include thorough pressure washing to ensure removal of algae and mildew, caulking with premium DynaFlex 230, application of sealer then two coats of premium paints applied. Properly prepared and painted surfaces will ensure a long-lasting end result. You will see firsthand that choosing 2 Nice Guys, Inc. is the extra mile that is truly one worth traveling!

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