General Remodeling


There are several reasons that you might be thinking about a remodel- Perhaps you want to create more comfort…Maybe your family is expanding and your need more room or better usage of space…Your home is outdated, and you want to make the style of your home more contemporary…Family lifestyle is such that the home does not offer as much functionality as it should…. Think to the future and envision your life as it might change over time. Will your family expand or downsize? How will you address changes to physical capabilities over time?

Does technology play a role in your everyday life? Think about your neighborhood and comparable property values and if or how your remodel will add to the value of your home. Once you have made a decison for some type of home makeover, take some time to inspire yourself with books or magazines to get ideas. Finding inspiration will bring you one step closer to envisioning how your home might look, perhaps with a new kitchen… or crown molding and wainscoting for your dining room. After you have taken the time to think about your ideas and your budget, give us a call at 2 Nice Guys to see how we can make your vision come to light!


Areas of our expertise include; window and door installations, decks and stairs, framing and finishwork, custom trimwork, coffered and tray ceilings, wall modifications, kitchen and bath remodels, outdoor kitchens and more.

In 2003, we brought to Southwest Florida over 25 years of combined experience in building and remodeling homes in Vermont. It makes us a comprehensive team with the work history to bring your project to a beautiful and well­done completion! Our years of hand’s on experience brings to you solid and creative approaches that will bring your vision to life!

One of the owners will personally meet with all clients to discuss the project. We take the time to get a feel of what you are looking for as to the end result. Your vision for the end result is of the utmost importance to us….we pay close attention to details in order to deliver a finished project on target with your budget.

We know that sometimes design ideas can change as the work begins to take shape. We do all that we can to accommodate change requests, as your vision is important to us! Further, there may be times that a previously unknown problem area may reveal itself once a project has started and there needs to be repair work before the project can resume. In both cases, a Change Order may be required that will fully document the change in an addendum to the contract that will specifically outline the details of the change as well as it’s costs. Both you, the Customer and 2 Nice Guys, Inc. will agree and sign the change before additional work is done.

We maintain a clean job site both for smooth work flow and safety, as well. During the project, our work areas will be as neat as possible so as to make the least intrusion on daily life for the homeowner as well as ensure safety for all.  

Renovations to bathrooms and kitchens…the average remodel can often bring you back the majority of your investment. Interior and exterior paint can often be the least expensive way to improve the look of your home. Keep in mind that if the exterior of your home is not appealing, a prospective homebuyer will likely not consider looking at the interior. Keeping your front lawn manicured and your driveway or walkway in good shape assists in adding value to your home. Other cost effective ways to add value are updating flooring, adding crown molding or chair rail, or building or renovating your wood deck, adding aesthetics such as benches or planters. Another very attractive way to add value to your home is the addition of an outdoor kitchen, which in essence creates additional square footage to your home!

Bathroom Remodeling

A successful bath remodel project begins with a remodeler that understands that you know your home better than anyone! Why not have a bath that brings about not only functionality but beauty as well? Is your bathroom outdated and impractical for today’s times? Is your vanity layout a cookie-cutter style with little counter or storage space for personal items? Does lighting reflect your needs for both function as well as relaxation at the end of a busy day?

Perhaps an incredible shower experience with big, round rain-water shower heads, a place to sit, elaborate niches for in-shower shelving? Once you have a vision of what you want for your bath remodel and your budget in mind, give us a call. You will see that choosing 2 Nice Guys, Inc. is a wise choice to help you bring your bath remodel vision to light!

Bathroom Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling Image

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is virtually the core of your home…while you are preparing your meals, perhaps your kids are working on their homework or talking with you about their day. Or are you socializing with family and friends…? Your decision to have a kitchen remodel should be based on several criteria. Having a budget in mind is the first step…

Next, what is the reason for your remodel? Do you want a more enjoyable space with better day-to-day functionality for your family’s needs? Do you want pullout shelves for your pantry items and full size drawers for your cookware? Perhaps a farmhouse sink with a no-touch faucet? Maybe a technology area for family’s electronic gadgets to be recharged? Once you have your budget and vision for your family’s kitchen in mind, give us a call. When you work with 2 Nice Guys, Inc. you are getting remodeling experts who understand that no two homes and no two families are alike!

Custom Trimwork

Trim applications in your home can be likened to icing on the cake! Adding crown molding or changing the height or profile of your current baseboard can provide a pleasant contrast to your interior wall color. If you are looking to enrich the look of your home, perhaps a wainscoting application, such as in this remodeled dining photo, can create a dramatic look! A coffered ceiling such as this type of application, will add a beautiful and formal element. Give 2 Nice Guys, Inc. a call when you are ready to discuss trim options as a way to beautify your home!

Custom Trimwork Image

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